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i need to stop seeing this shit come up on my dashboard. stop mimicking “black men” when you invoke predatory sexuality. recognize it and stop doing it. recognize the part youre playing in perpetuating the deadly myth of the black male rapist.

and read this: "Rape, Racism and the Myth of the Black Rapist" from Angela Davis’s Women Race and Class

I understand what is said here, and agree. But I think the pictures/gifs used to demonstrate were a bad choice, only one directly points to the “Predator” being a black man. Just an observation.

find out what aave is and come back

Point made, I was just giving an observation. I agree with your post 100% , but I think there are better examples

absolutely there are. but i made this post as a direct response to seeing the first two gifsets go viral around tumblr’s feminist community. i added the third screenshot to further contextualize my point. a lot of feminists i followm reblogged the hell out of the first two, obviously not seeing that they were using racism to fight sexism.

i also still think you’re failing to see that these are GOOD examples. because in neo-liberal media, overt racism isn’t as pervasive as “subtle” racism. so it’s exactly those first two posts that ppl need to be more aware of. because they might not be trained to see the racism in those situations where it’s not blatant. and that’s exactly what happened when those posts went viral.

this post is going around again a little bit so i want to add a thought process i’ve developed since this post’s conception. if you don’t actually think this is a thing (like some of you reblogging this to say black ppl are reaching bc you assumed op, i, was black) keep a notepad with you for a few weeks and write down every time a non-black person slips into aave (in speech, in a text message, on facebook, whatever.) then next to that, write down why. i’ve done this, and the second column never strayed from three overlapping categories:

1) jocose sexual predation (as in the examples above. real life examples: “AY GIRL, lemme holla atcha!” “lemme get cho numba.. ay yo where you goin’?” on someone’s selfie/profile pic: “DAYUM.” “damn ma, you is fiiiiine.”) verbally, this is, without fail, accompanied by a faked very deep voice. wonder why?

2) jocose aggression (real life examples: “YO FUCK DAT NOISE I AIN’T ABOUT DAT, FUCK DA HATERZ” “WHO IS YOU” “YO ima STOMP that FOOL!” "im finna snatch this bitch weave")

3) being loud (real life examples: “MUH FUCKIN HOMIE” “FO REAL DO” “ooo girrrlll!!!” )

so we slip into aave when we’re putting on sexual predation, aggression, and loudness. what does that tell us about stereotypes of black americans?

your solidarity is so real I wanna weep.


And notice how frat boy dudebro ain’t a default example even though their incidents of harassment and sexual violence be like what?

Guess the white man’s street harassment is kinder, along with their ice colder, huh?

I love this thread

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Phat grrrl in a crop top.


Phat grrrl in a crop top.

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Every passing moment is bringing me closer to you, closer to tomorrow and closer to death.

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This beer was the best choice I’ve made all night :”3 today was a double shift, so I have no shame :)

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Drawing today

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Fuck fuck fuck

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Fawn DeViney for Dogwood Floral 


Fawn DeViney for Dogwood Flora

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Street Art en Guanajuato.


Street Art en Guanajuato.

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I am never done trying to understand other people. I want to know more. I also get really scared.

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lancyann said: I'll be going to the show in Austin too! :)

Are they going to be at fun fun? I live in very south tx and I really want to go this yr

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I’m going to see him in September!



I’m going to see him in September!


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